Acting nowadays is full of cliches that makes characters feel forced, unoriginal, and unnatural. Script writers unconsciously create scenes that they have already seen and actors follow with old-styled and contrive expressions and gestures that are learned through the history of theater and film.


This workshop is intended to decontaminate professional actors from stereotypes and cliches and introduce aspiring actors to natural and flowing acting.


We will compare how actors act and how regular people react in real life situations. We will plan scenes where a real situation will be staged. We will write and rehearse the possible reactions, movements, facial expression, text, etc. Then we will go to the street where we will propose that same situation using regular people that are not aware that they are being filmed. And finally we will compare the natural reactions from people who don’t know they are being filmed with the actor’s ones.


The goal is for actors to break their assumptions and learned behaviors and be able to learn from natural reactions that they can incorporate in their work.


Participant will learn how to be more fresh and natural in their acting and will leave the workshop with a professional reel of their scene.


See a video about the course above to get the sense of what is this about.



 5 sessions (22 hours in total)



OCTOBER course (5 sessions).

  • Saturday 7th, from 10am to2pm.

(in class)

  • Sunday 8th, from 10am to 3pm.

(shooting the scenes with actors in the street)

  • Saturday 14th, from 10am to 2pm.

(in class)

  • Sunday 15th , from 10am to 3pm.

(shooting the scene mixing actors with regular people in the street)

  • Saturday 21st. from 3pm to 7pm.

(in class)


We will close the course with a free dinner on Saturday 21st for the students and an open party for everyone with a Video and Music DJ. Guests will have to pay an entry of $30 (food, wine and beer included).


Class Location:

New York Basque Club

307 Eckford Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

(between Calyer St & Greenpoint Ave)



Minimum of 6.

Maximum of 9.



$190 (early bird) till 9/15

$240 After 9/15



Lander Camarero is an independent producer, writer and director originally from Spain. Known for his humorous, fresh, non-traditional documentary style fictional films. Last year he was awarded with an O1 visa by the United States to continue his career in the US.

Take a look at his reel here:



Send us an email to

In this course we consider the students the same important than the teacher, you will also learn from each other, so we would like to do a brief phone interview before we select you. Believe me, it will be better for the sense of a group. That interview will not be about your experience or about your acting skills.


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