DEVELOPING “The Coffee Advisors”

An independent investigation about the 9/11 events through a Comedy Series.

“The Coffee Advisors” TEASER from PRESSURE FILMAK on Vimeo.


Here you have the artistic and technician team behind. Let’s see how many of us still alive in a couple of years.



Stéphanie Fribourg, Dan Kinch, Karen Burd, Fred Loutfi, Kenda Andreani, Kareem Elsamadicy, Nadia Mehenni, Lisa Hardaway, Al Turner, John D. Mertens.


Music by David Alonso Garzón


Visual Effects by Matias Matteri


Sound by Mikel Llamosas


Written and Directed by Lander Camarero


Produced by Stéphanie Fribourg & Lander Camarero


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